1. Natural – granite countertops are natural you can select from a variety of shades the granite stone can offer you. it can last a lifetime and it is totally safe since it is made by mother nature there is no harmful or toxic chemicals and materials involved in making granite slabs and there is an endless resource for this.
  2. Sophisticated – granite countertops can provide your space a great appeal since it is rich in beauty and elegance. You can easily match it with your cabinets, walls, floors, and furniture.
  3. Scratch –free – since granite is very durable and hard it can protect itself from scratches. This can be great when you love cooking you can put this in your kitchen you won’t worry using a sharp knife since it doesn’t tear easily
  4. Heat resistant – since it is all natural and stone made the granite countertops can resist strong heat so you don’t need to worry in case you put it near your oven or range since it can withstand the heat.
  5. Stain-free – granite countertops don’t absorb liquids that makes them look new all the time its timeless beauty and it is so easy to clean you just need to wipe it off. So you don’t need to worry about liquid spill since your granite countertop won’t stain at all.
  6. Durability – it doesn’t need too much maintenance as long as you clean it properly and it is sealed perfectly by installers that it can withstand any heat and pressure.
  7. Resistant to chemicals – cleaning your countertops made easy since they are very resistant to any chemicals or acid.

Cons of granite countertops

If you plan on getting granite countertops for your home it is only important to hire the best installers who are really trained and know a lot of technique to install granite countertops. granite countertops Hartford CToffers install services. Granite countertops if they are not installed properly there will be a lot of problems you will face. Granite is porous and that means in installing it everything should be sealed tightly and securely because if not it will absorb all liquid that you spill like oil, juice, sauce, and a lot more this will stain your countertops and bacteria might build up not only that you will have a hard time cleaning it off and removing the stain. That is why it is important the professionals will do it since they can also put some treatments so that your countertop would look good and last all throughout the years.

  • Granites are also expensive compared to other materials since they are all natural and durable.
  • Make sure to take proper caution if you are planning to have a granite countertop because even though it is hard and durable if you drop a very heavy object it might chip or crack your granite countertop.
  • You can have it checked yearly if it needs resealing to avoid stains and bacteria build up.