Doing a timber fencing makeover will definitely keep it looking strong and in good shape. No doubt the snow, rain, sun, wind, kids and ice will affect it all through the years of its service. Even the strongest wood requires taking care of and a little bit of affection and love will do your fencing a lot better. As a matter of fact, you will not like the fence looking too freshly new however, you will just want it to stay strong for several more years to come.

Some tips for providing your old timber fence with a makeover include:

1. Add some color with the fence makeover

2. Replace missing pickets and rails

3. Put in a gate

4. Accessorize for something which a bit different

5. Sealing and staining for a long-lasting fence makeover

Replace Missing Pickets and Rails

If you are great at the yearly maintenance, then this might not be of an issue to you. However, not everybody stays on top of their work when caring for their fence. Cracked pickets, rotting panels, and broken rails make your fence look like it’s about to fall over or collapse.

In addition to that, you should give your fencing a thorough inspection on a regular basis. Mark the rotten, broken or cracked portions and create a list for the professional fencing supply company like Colorado fence repair service. If you replace some parts of your fencing, you will have to match the new parts to the old. Also, take a few pictures and show them to the supplier in order to keep the pattern the same.

Seal and Stain for a Long-Lasting Fencing Makeover

A simple way to match the old parts with the new ones is to seal and stain. Get a stain that will add deep colors to the wood. The color strength will surely last for several years. You will often achieve the colors you desire as well as the protection necessary, from their range of seals and stains. In order to keep the wooden fence in very good shape and look, you will have to seal and stain it yearly or regularly.

Add Some Color with the Fencing Makeover

Color is an amazing way to catch the eyes of many. Adding some color can actually make your timber fencing look something new and fresh. You may also paint your wooden fence with any color you want. An extra advantage is that paint serves as another layer of protection, as well. It may be necessary to check first with the local association of homeowners prior to performing the paint job. Usually, you might face restrictions on the colors only allowed in your subdivision or compound.

Accessorize for Something that’s Different

You may add a solar-powered light to your fence posts in order to brighten your area at night. The range includes some wonderful lamps that can complete the makeover process. Subtle fencing post lighting may add a good atmosphere during the hot summer nights, as well.